The little Kitchen

La Cocinita has finally had it’s refurb. It’s been a struggle I have to admit. I bought the trailer thinking I could simply wrap it in an orange colour, give it a clean and set it to work, this of course wasn’t the case. I found out the floor wasn’t just bad in places, no in fact it was rotten so had to come up, this led to worse things. The subframe, this had to be welded and have completely new cross members put in. Then went on top a brand new floor along with brand new vinyl floor covering.

My kitchen had the bare essentials in it so invested in a new pie warmer to keep my empanadas warm, a decent coffee machine for Colombia coffee and Hot chocolates and a fryer. Then I wanted it to have colour and settled on a nice orange to stand out, I had a vision of how I wanted it to look from the start and it was all starting to take shape. I wanted it different to all the rest and spent countless hours making a rustic front from wood using a special Japanese technique of burning wood then colouring it different colours, sanding down and fixing it all in place. I had a good sparky to put the electrics right and all my pat certificates. My gas guy fixed what needed fixing and made sure everything was all tickety boo and gave me my gas cert.

Once I knew it was pretty much ready I gave the outside some funky looking decals along with my logo and info, then after some final little tidying up and a good deep clean it’s all ready for me to get out there and sell some street food. Huge transformation!

Why Latin street food I can hear you ask? I’ve done quite a lot of travelling over the years and Latin flavours just sing out to me like nothing else. I’ll be putting my own little twist on things as a chef usually does but the majority will be kept authentic and full of flavour. Welcomed to “LA COCINITA”, my little kitchen.

If you’d like to book La Cocinita for your wedding or other event please get in touch.


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