Mini Chimichangas

Chimichangas, everyone loves them. A chimichanga for that aren’t in the know is a deep fried burrito. What’s not to love about a deep fried parcel of meat, rice, beans and cheese. Some will argue that the chimichanga is tex mex and originated in Arizona, other will tell you it was indeed brought over by the Mexican immigrants to the United states. One things for sure it’s now loved the world over. I remember biting into my first chimichanga in Australia and wondered how I hadn’t come across one of these before, I’d been missing out big time.

Mini chimichangas

My mind is constantly thinking about food, not because I’m greedy but I have a love for it, designing new dishes or menus, cooking it and eating it. I starting thinking about my first chimichanga and how huge it was, it was so big and heavy, I couldn’t finish it even though it was so tasty. So I thought why not a mini chimi, hey I might start calling them mini chimi`s. People could have one as a side or two or three as a main with some dipping sauces.

My mind is wandering again, instead of Thai fishcakes, how about Latin fishcakes?


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