Why Latin American street food?

For one it’s healthy! It’s fresh, it’s tasty, no wait not just tasty it’s AMAZING! Some of Latin Americas best foods are found on the streets.  

Latin American street food

 If you’ve never had Latin food before then you’re in for some tempting and tasty treats. From Mexican tacos with some amazing salsas to Puerto Rican Pastelillos, quesadillas to Brazilian Coxinhas and lots more. We’ll be trying to serve you as authentic as we can with maybe a few twists along the way. 

Ok, not all of it is healthy but the majority is. Who’d of thought of a pizza empanada!! I’m also working on some chocolate and chilli brownies, trouble is I keep eating them! I’ll keep trying, I’ll get there I promise and as soon as I have the perfect formula you’ll know about it.

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